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Flamenco Dancer Customizable Laptop Sleeve, red dress and white hearts design.

Flamenco Dancer Customizable Laptop Sleeve, red dress and white hearts design.

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Introducing our Flamenco Dancer Customizable Laptop Sleeve, a vibrant accessory that combines style and functionality. With its eye-catching red dress and white hearts design, this laptop sleeve is sure to make a statement wherever you go.

Constructed with high-quality materials, the Flamenco Dancer Laptop Sleeve offers superior protection for your laptop. The lightweight and form-fitting design ensure a snug fit, preventing any scratches or damage during transportation. Its interior is lined with luxurious faux fur, providing an extra layer of cushioning.

This laptop sleeve is made from a water-resistant and scratch-proof material, keeping both your laptop and the sleeve itself intact. Now you can confidently carry your laptop in any weather condition without worrying about water damage or scratches.

  • 100% neoprene material
  • Water-resistant, oil-resistant, and heat-resistant

Our top-loading zippered enclosure with two sliders allows for easy access to your laptop while ensuring that it remains securely inside the sleeve. The padded zipper binding offers added protection, giving you peace of mind while on the move.

Choose from two available sizes: the 13" sleeve measures 13.5”x10.5”x0.59” (34.3cm x 26.7cm x 1.5cm) and weighs only 6.49 oz (220 g), while the 15" sleeve measures 14.75”x11.25”x0.59” (37.3cm x 28.5cm x 1.5cm) and weighs 8.8 oz (250 g). Find the perfect fit for your laptop and enjoy unmatched protection.

At IllustrArte, we prioritize sustainable practices. The Flamenco Dancer Laptop Sleeve is made-to-order, meaning it is produced especially for you when you place an order. By reducing overproduction, we contribute to a more eco-friendly future. Thank you for choosing us and making conscious purchasing decisions.

Elevate your laptop carrying experience with the Flamenco Dancer Customizable Laptop Sleeve. Ensure your laptop stays safe, showcase your unique style, and stand out from the crowd. Order yours today and enjoy a perfect blend of fashion and functionality!

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