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Flamenco Dancer Tote Bag with adjustable straps, pink dress and a pink heart design.

Flamenco Dancer Tote Bag with adjustable straps, pink dress and a pink heart design.

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Introducing our fabulous Flamenco Dancer Tote Bag! This stunning bag is perfect for those who appreciate the vibrant beauty of flamenco dancing and want to carry it with them wherever they go.

Featuring a captivating design of a flamenco dancer in a pink dress and a cute pink heart, this tote bag is sure to turn heads. The zip closure ensures that all your belongings are safe and secure.

Not just a pretty face, this tote bag is also highly functional. Made from 100% polyester, it is incredibly strong and durable, allowing it to withstand the test of time. The fabric retains its shape and dries quickly, making it perfect for trips to the beach or running errands in town.

  • Reinforced stitching on the handles adds extra strength and durability, ensuring that you can confidently carry even your heaviest items without worry.
  • The boxed corners create additional room inside the bag, allowing you to fit everything you need for the day without compromising on style. One of the interior pockets has a zip.

The seamless threading adds a touch of elegance to the bag. The black inner stitching matches the lining, while the transparent thread on the hems adds a subtle, yet sophisticated, detail.

Our Flamenco Dancer Tote Bag is available in two sizes:

  • Medium Bag - Height: 16"/41cm, Length: 16"/41cm, Width: 3.46"/8.8cm
  • Large Bag - Height: 18"/46cm, Length: 18"/46cm, Width: 3.46"/8.8cm
  • Handle - Height: 14"/36cm, Width: 1"/2.5cm

Whether you're a flamenco enthusiast or simply want a stylish and practical tote bag, our Flamenco Dancer Tote Bag is the perfect choice. Embrace your love for flamenco and add a touch of elegance to your everyday style. Get yours today!

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